tirsdag den 24. maj 2011

A cold day in may

Today has offered the most crazy weather ever. It has been windy, raining and very cold, but sometimes a cold day in the spring is a great way to temperarely switch your summer wardrobe out with the winter for a brief moment, which I find kind of great, somedays there's noting more cosy than a big sweater and a pair of leggings crawling under the covers.

Well there hasn't been any time for crawling under the covers today, I had a big math exam, which I have studied very hard for, so my brain was fried after 5 hours intense math.
After a killer exam I had lunch with one of my dearest friends, whom I hadn't seen in a couple of weeks because of all the crazy exams I have this spring. It was so good catching up with her.

After lunch I went to work, so it has been a very loooooooong day. I went to school at like 7.30 a.m. and returned home at 9.30 p.m.
But I am not complaining! Bussy days goes by fast, and I actually kind of like the stress of days closely packed with events, yes I am very weird in that way.

I hope you had a lovely day as well, kisses xxxx

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